Fury, Angel of the Tetons
Tribute to Gemini Princess Fury (June 1995-July 2006)  

You were a frightened, skinny thing that first night, curled on the seat beside me, so thin at two years that you looked almost like an alien. But within a few days you knew you had come home, soon blossoming into the most elegant animal I’ve ever seen.

How you charmed us! The memories! You, leaping without warning eight vertical feet to snatch one special olive right off the branch! Your hit-and-run theft of that family’s chicken breast! (Grocery store run # 1) Dancing on your hind legs, arm and arm with Kila, your beloved Ridgeback. The time the homeless man gave you a whole loaf of bread. (Grocery store run # 2!) Tipping over the park’s communal water bowl just to get fresh water. Who else could get away with that? That first moment off-lead when you ran like an antelope across a snowy New Mexico field. You were delirious with joy, and so spectacularly graceful that you made us cry. And do you remember the jackrabbits? The Idaho wheat fields? The hikes in Sedona? The Ooops! gourmet roast duck moment? That lemon merangue pie plate stuck to your face? Oh God, how you made us laugh!

Fury, my beloved heart dog  9-2005             Fury with Bey, singing her fave, "You Are My Sunshine"
Lulu, Estelle the Gazelle, Amy the Wonderdog, Ms. Fury, you never left my side if either of us could help it. Those million trips to the coffee bar for your milk foam “Doberdogacino.” You may be the only dog who’s ever strolled all the way up the grand stairs and right through the main lodge at Jackson Hole, but what’s a princess do? That next icy blue morning, as we sang to the “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack, you must have felt our joy when you stuck your head out the moonroof and spontaneously sang along to “You Are My Sunshine” at the top of your lungs. We laughed and cried at the same time, and life was like that with you. It was never, ever the same. You were our joy, our inspiration, our delight-—a constant surprise whose inimitable beauty and athletic grace stopped traffic.

The Doberman Ambassador, even though you’d never read the Dober Book. Your loveliness, playful spirit, and gentleness made so many lifelong friends and taught so many what a Doberman is really about.

In your coming you changed our world. You gave us Blessing after Blessing, of laughter, comfort, wisdom, play, security, fun, pride, empathy, and tenderness. We loved traveling with you. That was the best, wasn’t it? All across the West you lay in the back of the 4Runner that we padded and made comfortable for you, coming forward often for a snuggle and kiss. Your antique bead necklace is with us wherever we go.

“Si, se puede!” Fury having a ball on a drive to the MX border
Fury voguing with the African Daisies in our front yard
Lulu," aka Fury, hiking in Sedona

In your going you showed us patience, hope, courage, and finally peace. You broke my heart, but I can bear it knowing that you’re chasing Kila in heaven now, and one day will sleep again by my side. Laugh in the green fields and watch for me.

I won’t be long, my Fury, my heart.

Fury's Last Christmas
Photos of Fury provided by her parents,
--Sidney Oliver and Catherine Meschter


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