Help, my name is Buster and I'm ten years old. I'm in temporary foster care because my previous owner, a breeder that not everyone is happy with, dumped me at a shelter. A very nice lady rescued me and set me up in a temporary foster home but I really need a home of my own. This lady is willing to help with my expenses till I cross the bridge. I'm in pretty good shape for an old man but I do have a couple little issues. I have a small lick sore on one leg, a heart murmur and an eye infection which is responding to antibiotics. The eye infection may be caused by a dental infection but nothing shows up yet. My rescue lady is taking care of those for me. Because of the heart murmur, I won't be able to travel by air to a new home and if traveling by car it should be relatively close to Sacramento California.

My foster Mom says I'm a big sweet boy who just wants to be someones friend and shadow them. I'm not fond of other males but I do like the ladies. Being a senior I'm generally pretty laid back. I'm too old to be high energy but I do like to chase the ball or those squeeky toys from time to time, I just don't always bring them back. I do know how to walk on a leash without pulling. My previous owner did get me some obidience training so I do know a thing or two.




Please contact Janeen at

or 406-323-3519
for further information on adopting or fostering Buster.

Buster has a small lick sore on his front leg.

I live with an old cat where I am but when he's inside I just ignore him. I do like to protect my home and will bark when I hear things too close to our fence. Loud noises like fireworks bother me but as long as I can get into my safe crate I'm fine.

I haven't really had much exposure to kids but at my age I doubt they'd bother me much. I may be old but I'm not a pushover so if you're going to be the boss you better make that clear. I listen well and given some boundaries, I can live within them.

Buster is located in California but transportation can be arranged.

Please help me find my forever home. I'm just looking for a nice quiet place to hang out till I cross the bridge and meet up with all my past friends who are waiting there for me. I won't be a long term commitment and I'll try and be good till the end. I just don't want to go back to that shelter to live out my days in misery. Won't somebody please have some compassion for an old man just looking for some peace and quiet and a nice family to show me a what love is?

I think I remember that, but that was so long ago.

Thanks for listening



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