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Leroy  is 10 yrs old, male, neutered, weighs about 50lbs, up to date on shots, heartworm negative & on hearworm prevention, loves other dogs & kids, no health problems.  He is great on a leash & likes water & baths, he stays in the house when he wants, is house trained & stays outside when he wants. The owner is selling her home & giving up her 6 dogs that she's had since they were puppies.

After 10 years he's losing the only home he has ever known.  She said if she doesn't find a home for him she'll take him to the shelter.

He hasn't been tested with cats, but he's very sweet natured, not a digger or a fence jumper and enjoys being petted.  We have approx.3 weeks to find him a home.

Please consider adopting Leroy and giving this Senior a warm loving home to live in in his golden years. Leroy is currently living in South Carolina.

Please contact Bambi at
for further information on adopting Leroy.


Leroy gets a new home

Leroy has found a new home in sunny Florida. His Mom brought him to us while we were in Charleston, SC at the SE Wildlife Expo. We loaded up his bed, blankets, food and toys in the Jeep and found out all we could about him. After reassuring her that he was getting a good home, she gave him a hug goodbye and drove away. We tried to walk over to the park where we were setup, but Leroy was intimidated by all the cars & traffic so we headed back to the Jeep and Kathy proceeded to lay down with him in back to reassure him. I wish I had a photo of that ;-)

As we headed out of town and back to Florida, Leroy was laying quietly at the back of the Jeep. He just layed there on his bed. The further we drove, the closer he crept to us in the front seats. By the end of our long drive down to our meeting point on the east coast of Florida, he was right behind my seat. As I drove, I was able to reach back and pet him as he slept. We never heard a peep out of him the whole trip. Such a sweet boy! We met up with his new Mom in a closed McDonalds parking lot off the interstate. Yes, it was that late and she had also driven for hours to meet us and get Leroy in the middle of the night. We knew ahead of time this would be a late night, but we felt it was better this way as he wouldn't have to go through numerous transports to finally get down to his new home in South Florida.

What a joy it was to see his new mom jump out of her car with a big smile on her face in anticipation of meeting him after only seeing a few pictures of him on the web. It made us feel good that we were able to deliver this old boy to someone genuinely excited about adopting him. People who are willing to adopt these older dogs are few and far between. Seniors are often passed over because of their age. 

We finally made it home around 4am, tired, but feeling good that we were able to be a small part in getting Leroy to his forever home. At last word, Leroy was fitting nicely into his new family and was last seen wagging his tail. If you ever met Leroy, you would understand what an accomplishment that is :-)

His new mom has not embraced the digital age yet but as soon as she gets us some new photos of Leroy at home we'll post them


Leroy where he started at the back of the Jeep.
Wait . . .is that a smile I see???
Getting ready to pass him off to his new Momma

Pepper, Another Happy Ending


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